Directors who served in the National Defence Fund Print
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Since its foundation in 1929 up until 1953 the directors of the Fund were at the same time directors of the 4th Staff Office of HAGS.

The directors who served in the National Defence Fund from 1953 until today are the following:

Colonel Zafiropoulos Christos year 1953-1957
Lt Colonel Ermogenis Constantine 1960
Lt Colonel Rouskas Efthimios 1961
Lt Colonel Dimaratos Socrates 1962-1963
Lt Colonel Kommatas Ioannis 1964
Lt Colonel Koutsounopoulos Panagiotis 1966
Lt Colonel Stamatis Constantine 1967
Lt Colonel Boviatsis Ioannis 1968
Brigadier General Kourtis Alexandros 1969
Brigadier General Metaxas Aimilios 1970
Brigadier General Vernikos Vasileios 1971
Colonel Androutsopoulos Evangelos 1971
Brigadier General Papadimitriou Dimitrios 1972
Brigadier General Tamiolakis Thomas 1974
Brigadier General Chrysogelos Apostolos 1974
Colonel Chatzopoulos Thomas 1974
Brigadier General Nanos Moschos 1975
Brigadier General Emmanouilidis Dimitrios 1977
Brigadier General Podaras Stylianos 1978
Brigadier General Dimakopoulos Dimitrios 1981
Major General Giannoukakis Lazaros 1991
Brigadier General Menounos Ilias 1994
Major General Theodorakis Apostolos 1994
Major General Drakopoulos Antonios 1996
Lt General Panagopoulos Panagiotis 1999
Brigadier General Matsoukas Vlasios 2002
Lt General Kourakos Ilias 2004
Major General Fragis Antonios 2008
Brigadier General Alikakos Nikolaos 2010
Major General Stathias Georgios 2011