Announcement No" 1/2015" (Agreement creating the Property Right of Surface on the “Douka” Military Camp in favor of the Regional Unit of Preveza) Print
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  • In April 20th, 2015, the Managing Director of the National Defence Fund, Major General Georgios Stathias, and the Deputy Regional Governor, Mr. Ioannis Stratos, signed the notarial act “Preliminary Contract Constituting a Property Right of Surface”. According to this agreement, the National Defence Fund will create the Property Right of Surface on the  “Douka” Military Camp, also known as St. Andrew Castle (Kastro Agiou Andrea), in favor of the Regional Unit of Preveza. This agreement is the aftermath of the agreement of August 18th, 2014.
  • This agreement, which is in accordance with the Fund’s principle of receiving a material fee for its agreements, is revolutionary in the field of real property management. It marks the strategy of the Ministry of Defence concerning the rational management of its real property, in order to be beneficial to the Armed Forces, as well as the whole society.
  • The agreement will last 49 years, according to the art. 18 of Law 3986/2011 concerning the Property Right of Surface, and to the Decision 1/18.2.2014 of the Management Committee of the National Defence Fund.
  • The fee owed by the Regional Unit of Preveza to the National Defence Fund amounts to 1.500.000 € and is payable within 25 years after the signing of the agreement. Inside the former military camp, it is projected to house the Administrative Services of the Regional Unit, as well as cultural facilities, museums, and sport-related activities. Overall, the historical St. Andrew Castle’s restoration will transform it from an abandoned place to an administrative hub, a citizen-supporting centre and a nucleus of culture and upgrading the quality of life in Preveza.