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On Wednesday 27th of January 2016, New Year 2016 was celebrated, following the Greek tradition, during a ceremony attended by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff Chief.

Τhe ceremony took place in “Kosmetou Hall” at NDF Headquarters (Thalou & Pittakou 10, Plaka/Athens).

Other people horouring the ceremony by their presence included were:

Mrs. Marina Lampraki-Plaka, former Minister and General Manager of the National picture Gallery, Mr. Elefsiniotis Dimitrios, former Minister and honourary Hellenic Navy General Staff Chief, Lieutenant General Mr. Mpalafoutis Dimitrios, Commandant of the Superior Military Army Support Administration (ASDYS), Mr. Nikolaou Dimitrios, director of the Minister of National Defence politburo, Mr. Zafiropoulos Dimitrios, Prosecutor of the Revisional Court/Reviser A’, Lieutenant General Mr. Koutroumpelis Athanasios, General Manager at Autonomous Officers’ Building Agency (AOOA), Air Marshall Mr. Prezerakos Grigorios, Director of Greek President’s Military Office, Major General Mr. Manouris Nikolaos, Director of 3rd Branch at Hellenic Army General Staff and representative of Hellenic Army General Staff Chief, Lieutenant General Mr. Papalexopoulos Aggelos and Major General Mr. Koutsogiannopoulos Hristos, special councellors to the Minister of National Defence, Mr. Zisimatos Georgios, advisor to the Minister of National Defence on issues concerning property exploitation, Mr. Dimitriou Dimitrios, former Head and Managing Director at Public Properties Company (ETAD), Brigadier General Mr. Lalos Nikolaos, Director of Infrastructure & Environment Administration at Hellenic Army General Staff, Brigadier General Mr. Delatolas Nikolaos, Director of Army History Directorate, Brigadier General Mr. Katsigiannis Antonios, Director of Research and Informatics Administration at Hellenic Army General Staff, retired Brigadier General Mr. Nikolopoulos Vasilios, President of National Military Federation, retired Brigadier General Mr. Kesaris Nikolaos, representing the President of the Retired Army Officers Federation and many other friends and executives of Public Services cooperating with the National Defence Fund.



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