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The Strategic Planning of the Fund, having the method of observation as a focus, along with the utilisation of landed property and bearing in mind the newly formed fiscal environment, focuses on these fundamental Aims:

  • Creation of a Complete Strategy, in the framework of the General Staff, of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence and of the National Economy in general, in relation to the appropriate utilisation of its landed property, for the benefit of the fund and furthermore of the National Defence, as is expressly determined in the fundamental Law concerning its establishment and function.
  • Reconstitution of the Fund, by prioritising the reorganisation of the Department of the Utilisation of the Landed Property, in order to respond to the requirements dictated by the current circumstances and the complex role it is called to assume, in the framework of a reasonable and reliable management of its landed property in general.
  • Continuous Personnel Training – Creation of a tank of experts, in the field of Real Estate Development.
  • Completion – Application of the developing Complete Computerised Programme, of full recording, assessment and observation of the landed property of the Fund, with the capability to interconnect with the cooperating Bodies and Agencies of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, as well as the equivalent Agencies of the Wider Public Sector (cadastre etc).
  • Creation of a database in the framework of the Computerised Programme, for the more effective observation and best utilisation of the landed and personal property.
  • Constructive contribution, in the process of merging the three subordinate Funds of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, meaning the ones of National Defence, National Fleet and Air Defence and at the same time abolishment of the “Camps Utilisation and Transfer Agency” and transformation of these to one integrated, reliable and flexible Body of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, capable to respond to the modern fiscal circumstances and future needs of this country.
  • Modernisation of the current legal – financial framework, so it can respond as a Body of Public Interests to the modern challenges and requirements of the Landed Property Utilisation Field.